Far Cry 1 Classic -USA-[PS3 ISO]-NPUB30737-pkg

System requirements

About The Game

Return to where it all began with Far Cry Classic, and relive the game that left a legacy. With graphical enhancements, revamped cutscenes, and a fresh new UI, Far Cry Classic allows players to experience all the action and chilling gameplay that made Far Cry legendary now remastered in HD. Its another beautiful day in paradise Or is it? Step into the shoes of Jack Carver a ship captain unwittingly trapped on a remote tropical island and hunted by an unrelenting team of highly trained mercenaries. Choose firepower, strategy, or stealth, and use your freedom in a massive open world environment. Its never too late to rediscover a classic.
  • Title : Far Cry 1 Classic
  • Genres : Action, Shooter,
  • Language : English
  • region : USA,
  • Developer : Crytek
  • Publisher : Ubisoft
  • Release date : 2014/02/21
  • File size : 2.79 GB
  • Platform : Playstaion 3
  • File Format : PKG
  • ID : NPUB30737
  • Visitors Rating : Terrible 😠BAD 😞Acceptable 😕Great 😉Excellent 😎 (37 votes,3.86 of 5)



  • CPU : modern x64 processor with SSSE3 support
  • MEMORY : 4GB of RAM. Recommended: 8GB of RAM or greater
  • Graphics : GPU that supports OpenGL 4.3 or greater
  • SYSTEM : Windows 7 64-bit or greater / Linux 64-bit
  • to Download The Emulator Click Here