Scott Pilgrim vs The World-NPUB30162-USA-dlc+Crack+Patch-PKG

  • Title : Scott Pilgrim vs The World
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Beat-em-up, Platform,
  • Language : English
  • Region : USA,
  • Developer : Ubisoft Montreal
  • Publisher : Ubisoft
  • Release date : August, 2010
  • File size : 175 MB
  • Platform : PlayStation 3
  • File Format : PKG File
  • ID : NPUB30162
  • File Password : NO PASSWORD
  • Visitors Rating : Terrible 😠BAD 😞Acceptable 😕Great 😉Excellent 😎 (10 votes,4.50 of 5)



  • CPU : modern x64 processor with SSSE3 support
  • MEMORY : 4GB of RAM. Recommended: 8GB of RAM or greater
  • Graphics : GPU that supports OpenGL 4.3 or greater
  • SYSTEM : Windows 7 64-bit or greater / Linux 64-bit
  • to Download The Emulator Click Here


  • To Play This Game You Need A Jailbreak PS3 console .
  • if You Are Using PS3 Emulator, Click Here For Emulator Playable Games List .

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    1. its so simple, first run the emulator, then at the top u will find the option buttons bar, click on the first button called (file), after u click it on it an option list will appear, in the list there option called (install.pkg) click on it , after u done that the emulator will install the game, when it finishes installing u will see the game on the emulator list, just double-click on it and u done.

      NOTE: if the game didn’t run, make sure to install the PS3 firmware, u can download it form here ,
      and its simple to install ether, u can install it as the same way u install the game.

  1. lo instale como pkg en mi ps3 pero solo me deja jugarlo como demo… paso el primer nivel y despues me pide que lo compre

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